Tips for Attracting & Recruiting Construction Workers

Construction workers play a critical role in the industry. In addition, the workers contribute billions to the US gross domestic products. However, there is a looming shortage of construction workers in the country. With the imminent labor shortage, it has never been more essential for construction companies to attract and retain a motivated workforce. But what do construction workers look for in a potential employer? Understanding what the workers are looking for can help employers adjust their terms to attract and recruit talent in the industry. This article outlines what employees in the construction industry are looking for to help you match your terms with what they need. To sum it up, offer what people are looking for:

Consistent Hours

Employees are looking for employers who provide consistent and flexible working hours, when possible. The consistent hours help the employees plan for their workdays and off days. In other words, you should have a predictable workflow that provides job security for your workers.

Pay Employees Weekly

Over 70% of workers in the construction industry prefer consistent weekly frequencies. Workers will expect to receive a paycheck every Thursday or Friday. Providing financial independence through consistent weekly payment frequencies attracts more talent to your company.

Good Competitive Wages

Other than consistent payment frequencies, workers in the construction industry are looking for employers who provide competitive wages. Since the workforce in the industry prefers a weekly payment frequency, you can pay slightly more than the average wage. A competitive wage may mean higher wages and salaries expenses. However, you will have improved the productivity of your workforce by attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry.

Offer Career Advancement Training and Opportunities

Workers in the construction industry want to improve their skills and opportunity for career growth. You can retain your current workforce by providing regular training and capacity building. Further, ensure promotions are done from your existing workforce. Filling managerial positions with workers from your competitors may bring talent to your company, but it will be disincentivizing for your existing workforce. Training your workers to take up managerial positions as they arise will boost company morale.

Safe Working Conditions

While the construction industry is considered risky, accidents are not caused by the negligence of workers, but by poor safety plans.  Workers understand accidents can be reduced through the provision of safe working conditions. To attract more talent to your company, develop a safe & healthy working environment.  

Potential for Overtime Opportunities

Many workers in the construction industry desire to earn extra income and assess potential employers through their ability to provide overtime opportunities. As an employer, you can let your employees understand the overtime opportunities by clearly stating normal and overtime rates. In addition, ensure the overtime wages are paid promptly to enhance employee satisfaction.

Relocation Compensation

Relocation compensation provides an excellent way of attracting talent. When workers know you will reimburse their relocation expenses, they are more likely to  accept a job offer. In addition, providing relocation compensation means you are not limited to a specific geographical region. 

Sign-On Bonuses

Like overtime opportunities, bonuses can also help improve the productivity of your workforce as well as attract more talent. You can use bonuses as monetary incentives to motivate your workers and increase job satisfaction. 

Focus On Work-Life Balance

The construction industry is also facing a challenge of an aging workforce and millennials who demand more than just competitive wages. Workers in the construction industry are now focused on work-life balance. The workers want to earn a good salary without sacrificing important time with their family and friends. That means your work schedules should allow time for your workers to attend to other important matters in their life. One way of achieving a work-life balance is adopting a hybrid workplace model. In the hybrid model, your workers can attend to paperwork remotely and report on site for activities that demand in-person attendance. 

Are You Looking for A Career in Construction?

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