Looking for Employment in the Construction Industry? Here is What to Check

Employers in the construction industry have their way of assessing employees to get the right candidate for employment. Equally, employees can evaluate prospective employers before taking a job. Choosing the right employer enhances your job satisfaction and reduces turnover. Here, we examine the qualities of good prospective employers to help you make informed decisions when looking for a job.  

Work-Life Balance

There is a general demand for a work-life balance cutting across all industries. Workers are now, more than ever, concerned about getting a perfect integration between work and personal life. Construction workers should consider working for companies that offer flexible working hours or schedules that provide a work-life balance. The potential employer should have innovative approaches to working hours rather than the conventional construction industry working hours. 

While the work environment may not meet all your demands, it should allow you to earn a consistent wage and still have time for other activities in your life.

Consistent Payment Frequency

The company you want to work for should have a consistent and preferably a weekly payment plan. When you get a company that pays weekly wages, you join the over 70% of construction workers who prefer a weekly payment frequency. In the weekly payment plan, you receive a paycheck every Thursday or Friday.

This payment frequency allows you to plan your expenditures and savings to meet your short and long-term goals. A weekly payment plan also allows you to receive prompt overtime payments and get the motivation to offer your best. 

Competitive Wages

Other than the consistency of the payments, the potential employer should offer competitive wages. A good starting point is to check the average weekly wage for construction workers in your region. In Colorado, the average weekly pay for construction workers is $617, while in New Mexico and Utah, the average weekly wage is $631. It is better to work for a construction company that pays above the average weekly wage. 

Potential for Overtime Opportunities

Besides the weekly wage, a good construction company will provide the opportunity for overtime. Overtime compensates you for hours worked beyond the stipulated working hours. The contract should specify the hourly rates and overtime rates. In most cases, overtime rates are higher than the hourly rates. Understanding the hourly rates allows you to estimate your total weekly wage.

Further, look for a company that pays you during your off days. When you get paid during your off days, you have time with your family and friends without compromising your weekly earnings. Off days also help reduce the risk of burnout and other mental health  issues common in the construction industry. Your prospective employer should also provide monetary and non-monetary incentives like bonuses and opportunities for growth.  

Tenured and Knowledgeable Trainers

Most construction workers want an employer that will help them improve their skills. When looking for a new employer, you should check their policy on employee training and the knowledge of the trainers. Receiving frequent training helps in;

Skill Development

Frequent training sessions help improve your skills and expand your knowledge in the field. The training opens doors for new opportunities and career advancement. Moreover, the training helps you equip yourself with current standards of operations and technology in the construction industry. Lack of training opportunities increases employees’ risk of obsolescence and redundancy.

Increased Self-confidence  

Training helps improve your confidence to take more challenging roles and increases the chances of promotion.

Better Job Satisfaction

Training enhances your interpersonal skills, which leads to job satisfaction. Learning how to resolve conflicts, for instance, helps you to improve the relationship between you and your colleagues. 

Relocation Compensation

Although most employers do not pay relocation compensation for newly employed workers, you can still get one that pays. Employers who pay relocation allowances to new employees do so to attract talent. If you get an opportunity to work for such a company, you could have a high chance of advancing your career as the employer values your talent.

Good Online Reviews

Through platforms like online directories, Google listings, and social media sites, former and current employees provide reviews about their employers. The online reviews aid in making informed decisions on whether to send a job application or not.

Safety Policy

Employee safety is an essential element of the construction industry. When looking for an employer, your safety should be a priority. The prospective employer should provide safe working conditions and install sound measures to mitigate the risks of accidents. Reading your employer’s safety policy offers insight into the general working condition. A safe working environment also reduces the risk of mental health  issues like suicide in the construction industry.

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