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Modular is our singular focus

RK Mission Critical is equipped to address every off-site manufacturing challenge that an industry can bring us. We build relationships with every customer to help us collaborate with them on each product to develop a strategy that gives them a competitive advantage. Our solutions are designed and delivered fully functional with any necessary certifications, so they can connect to your facility immediately. All of our systems and equipment are vendor neutral and can be delivered on trailers, skids or in enclosures according to your specifications.

Cutting-edge prefabrication. Lifelong support.

Each of our modular products are created in our state-of-the-art facilities. We uphold the same standards and utilize the same materials as conventional building methods, but take a fraction of the time and cost to construct.

For every solution we create, RK Mission Critical provides full life cycle services and support:




Ongoing Maintenance

Create something with us

Join our team and be part of creating custom solutions for our clients.