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Integrating technology with strategy

RK Mission Critical provides custom-engineered modular solutions for essential industries. Our experienced team works with you to identify your permanent and/or temporary building needs and find a disruption-free way to implement them to your facility. We provide a rapid building solution that can increase capacity and improve efficiency without disrupting your day-to-day.

Supporting the healthcare industry

Our team does everything in our power to help bridge the supply and demand gap of our healthcare facilities to support those in immediate need. We have years of experience serving essential industries with efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Our team has helped assist the healthcare industry by providing custom solutions for a variety of needs including:

Emergency Back-up Ventilators

Never be without power.

Temporary Buildings

House all patients safely.

Quarantine or Isolation Units

Keep your people safe.

Triage, Exam, Infusion and Treatment Buildings

Specialty building solutions.

Modular and Mobile Laboratories

Modular solutions you can trust.

Patient Rooms

Your patients deserve privacy.

Drive-through Shelters and Buildings

Helping in times of need.

Waste Collection and Removal Rooms

We clean up after you.

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