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A proactive approach to water treatment solutions

The RK Water team works alongside other trades on a regular basis to offer an extensive menu of services not always available through other partners. Our depth of understanding not only in our specialty but also as it relates to your entire space, allows us to effectively solve all your needs in-house. RK Water can provide field water testing, ground water testing, well analysis, laboratory testing services, as well as on-going ORC services for active permits.

Treatment solutions from start to finish

RK Water brings a turnkey solution to your project. We begin from the ground up to test, treat, and provide maintenance for your water needs.

Our water services include:

Agriculture Water Treatment Solutions

Getting your crops watered.

Water Treatment Equipment Install and Repair

Service from end-to-end.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment and Cleaning

Keeping your cooling system running.

Water Treatment Equipment/System Training

Know your water system.

Pretreatment and Filtration System Installation

Preparing your water system.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Services

Keeping your water heater functioning.

Legionella Risk Management

Keeping bacteria out of your water.

Chemical Supply and Services (Oil & Gas)

Serving your oil and gas needs.

ORC Services

Wastewater management.

Treatment Media Suppliers

The tools you need for your water treatment.

Media Replacement and Disposal

Keeping all your tools working properly.

Operation and Maintenance of Groundwater Treatment Systems

Long-term maintenance options.

Water Testing and State Compliance – CDPHE

Keeping you up to code.

Create something with us

Join our team and be part of creating custom solutions for our clients.