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RK Water can guide you through treatment selection, system sizing and ongoing operation.

RK Water offers treatment methods effective in removing PFAS from drinking water sources and groundwater include activated carbon, anion exchange resins, and reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) technologies. Depending on your treatment goals, space requirements, and the complexity of disposal options, RK Water can slove your PFAS problems.

A strategic approach to every project

RK Water has you covered with in-house technical expertise. As RK Water is not committed to one proprietary product line, you are ensured that you will receive the best treatment options available in the market, and client-focused attention throughout the process.

As PFAS treatment experts, our team provides:


System Design

Equipment Rental

Onsite Operation

Sampling and Laboratory Testing

Compliance Reporting

Media Supplier

Media Changeout Services


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