Why Having A Full-Service Electrical Panel Check is Essential for Your Business

Every business needs reliable and safe electrical systems. But did you know that many of the electrical problems in your building can be prevented with a full-service electrical panel check? Let’s look at some of the issues our qualified RK Service technicians will inspect and how we can help keep your business safe from potential hazards and costly repairs.

What does a full-service electrical panel check involve?

A full-service panel check will give you peace of mind knowing that your facility’s circuits, breakers, GFCIs, disconnects, and wiring practices are up to code. With our electrical service panel checklist, our technicians will conduct thermal imaging tests, torque specifications tests, physical testing and amperage load checks of your electrical systems. These tests ensure that potential issues are caught before they become a significant problem for your business.

In addition to the panel checklist, RK Service technicians can conduct a visual walk-through, looking for issues such as proper exit lighting, exterior safety lighting, emergency lighting checks and missing GFCI/ARC fault locations. By doing so, technicians can notify you of any safety measures that must be taken to protect you and your customers from potential dangers lurking within your facility.

Benefits of regular electrical panel checks

Regularly scheduled inspections are essential for keeping your business safe and up to code. By periodically checking all aspects of your electrical system, including wiring practices, you can detect any future problems before they become serious hazards, requiring extensive repairs or even replacement parts. Inspections will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is running smoothly regarding power and energy usage in your building or office space, saving time and money!

Maintain safety, efficiency and code compliance with RK Service

At RK Service, we understand how important it is for business owners to keep their facilities safe and running efficiently. That’s why we offer full-service electrical panel checks, including thermal imaging tests, torque specifications tests, physical testing, and amperage load checks. In addition, RK Service technicians will provide a visual walk-through service looking for items such as exit lighting working properly, exterior safety lighting, emergency lighting checks, and missing GFCI/ARC fault locations.

By having regular electrical inspections done by qualified professionals, you can rest assured that any issue will be identified before it becomes a significant problem, keeping your business safe, efficient and compliant with local codes.

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