What Defines a Special Project in the Mechanical Industry?

By: RK Mechanical

Whether a project is large or small, there is always a skilled team building and installing the systems that make facilities safe, efficient and dependable. Today, many general contractors and subcontractors have a special projects team dedicated to projects that have a fast schedule or a sensitive working environment. All contractors define their special projects parameters differently.

Operating in Unique Conditions at a Fast Pace
Special projects have always been a large part of RK’s business. The RK Mechanical Special Projects group incorporates all aspects of mechanical construction and maintenance and provides the same preconstruction services as RK’s traditional Mechanical business unit, but typically in sensitive or occupied environments and almost always at a fast pace. RK defines a special project as one with unique criteria or size that requires ingenuity and construction excellence.

Pre-planning Regardless of Project Size
RK Mechanical’s Special Projects group believes that all projects should have careful pre-planning, such as budgeting, estimating and value engineering, regardless of their scope. The team provides insights on technology, design, building codes, energy standards, and changing market conditions in order to successfully lead and manage projects from start to finish. The group also uses tools like Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), as well as Design Build and Design Assist to ensure that projects are successful from the start.

$1,500 or $2 Million, 1 Day or 3 Years – They’re All Covered
RK Mechanical Special Projects’ contract values are generally around $2 million or less but can vary depending on the project. The majority of the work performed by the group is equipment refurbish and replacement or tenant improvements. The two main leading indicators of a special project is the need for a quick response time and speed to market. Project length can be anywhere from one day to multiple years, depending on the specific circumstances. The average duration for a project is around three months long. Although some projects can last multiple years, those are generally owner direct time and materials work.

A Strong Team is a Great Asset
The RK Mechanical Special Projects group is run by two operations managers, Jim Martin and Mark Rawlings.  There are a total of five project managers, eight project engineers, five estimators, a project/estimating coordinator, a project accountant and two dedicated account executives. The group is fully staffed to work on any design build, design assist or hard bid project.

Project owners can expect friendly service, commitment, experience and responsiveness from the RK Mechanical Special Projects team with the financial strength and buying power of an established, award-winning company. For more information about RK Mechanical Special Projects’ capabilities contact us at sales@rkindustries.com.