Ways to Deal with Stress during the Pandemic

As states continue to gradually reopen, people are experiencing high levels of stress as they learn to reintegrate back into the community, public spaces and work environments. With the added pressure of going back into office settings, comes a great deal of anxiety for a lot of people. Whether in the office or continuing to work from home, here are some ways in which you can learn to manage your stress during this pandemic.

Reach Out
Mental health experts agree that reaching out for help during this uncertain time is more important than ever. With therapists now available through apps and conference calls, it’s easier than ever to obtain confidential, therapy from trained professionals. There are various options available through insurance or free from local state agencies. If therapy isn’t your cup of tea, just reaching out to a close friend or family member can also have the same benefits. Sometimes just sharing your experience is all it takes to ease your mind.

When attempting to maintain a positive work/life balance, it can be difficult to follow a consistent schedule when working from home or remotely. It’s important to provide yourself and your family as much structure as possible to avoid any additional chaotic stress caused by unknowns. Getting a schedule together for your workday and/or family time, schools schedules, etc. may alleviate additional pressure caused by inconsistency.

Be Patient with Yourself
The rapid lifestyle changes that accompanied the pandemic are something that we have never experienced before. Oftentimes, we can put undue pressure on ourselves to “be okay” which can exacerbate the issues. Give yourself the space to experience emotions and also be honest with your peers and management staff on how to best help you through this challenging time.

Take Breaks
Working from home can often quickly lead to burnout. Because a vast majority of individuals are now working from home, the molding of home and work life can have a negative impact on your mental health and well-being. It’s important to give yourself a set work schedule while also ensuring that you are taking time off. Your European vacation may have been cancelled, but still take those days off to make sure you’re giving your body and mind the breaks they need.

Physical Activity
Small amounts of daily physical activity release much needed endorphins to improve mood and overall health. Even if it’s taking your dog for a small walk or a short 30-minute yoga break during the day, your mental health relies on body movement.

RK understands the importance of mental health care and we invest in the well-being of our associates. If you or a family member are struggling with thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255.