RK Facilities 2023

At RK, our multi-trade experience allows seamless collaboration on our projects, many times across business units. We act as a partner to entrepreneurs and companies to create, execute, and maintain customized solutions from start to finish and bring our customer’s visions to reality.

We are proud of our primary operations facilities which include:
● 110,000 sq. ft. of fabrication space in Henderson, CO
● 90,000 sq. ft. of sheetmetal and plumbing fabrication space at our Denver headquarters
● 422,000 sq. ft. of clean manufacturing and warehouse space
● 34,000 sq. ft. of combined fabrication and warehouse space at our Salt Lake City, Utah & Phoenix, Arizona facilities.
● 4,000+ sq. ft. of office space at our Vail, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, and Phoenix offices

These facilities allow us the structural power to execute and manufacture projects in each location, ensuring customers see their greatest concepts become a reality!