Vestas Wind Turbine Transmission Frame Modifications

By: RK Energy

In June 2020, RK Energy LLC. was successful in forging a partnership with Vestas Wind Systems A/S. Vestas had reengineered and upgraded their wind turbine transmissions and in doing so increased the size and weight of the transmission itself. This created a problem with the thousands of already manufactured transmission transport skids that Vestas had in operation, as the new transmissions would not fit on these skids. In partnership with RK Energy, Vestas engineered a solution to modify its current fleet of transportation skids reducing the cost and fabrication time of building new skids. RK Energy used advanced engineering, preconstruction services, CAD modeling and precision planning that streamlined the fabrication process to meet the intense scheduled deadlines Vestas needed to maintain their logistics schedule. RK Energy was on time, every time.