Top Three Benefits of Incorporating Technology in Construction

By: RK

Skilled trades professionals often have to provide quick solutions to unexpected problems, and industry leaders now understand that the utilization of new technology can increase efficiency. The days of lugging around heavy laptops to check the latest plans and printing, revising and distributing paper-based documentation are long gone. The aversion for new technologies has hindered construction industries growth possibilities for decades, but not anymore. These top three benefits of incorporating technology into jobsites can save your company money, jobs and time.

Increased Trust

In the past, the construction industry was slow to incorporate new technology into their daily routines, but after seeing the benefits first-hand, that trend is changing. Creating trust with customers and employees can be achieved simply by utilizing automated applications. With the replacement of email chains, Word docs and Excel spreadsheets for cloud and DropBox solutions, construction firms are seeing an increase in job productivity and stronger employee/client relationships. The increased use of elevated technology makes it easier to track job progression, employee productivity, version control and management of audit trails. This shift in thinking doesn’t just provide increased efficiency, but also sustainability – placing the control back in the hands of the user.

Lowered Risk

Safety first is a common industry theme, but sometimes potential hazards are missed. Using technology to create safer working conditions is useful even before the project begins. Simple tasks, such as filling out paperwork, can be replaced with a safety text reminder every single morning. This process followed by mandatory e-signatures via a mobile device are just a couple of examples of how changing small things makes massive impacts. Finding the right software for your safety needs not only saves time, but can also save your company money by shortening punch list completion times. It also allows project managers to stay on top of subs to complete all work in a timely manner.

Heightened Technological Comprehension

Taking advantage of the benefits of mobile technology can save time and money, but some industry leaders are still hesitant. This hesitation may be due to a lack of proper training practices. If your employees don’t understand or are unaware of the technology your company has access to, the tools to make jobs easier are useless. Training employees on how and when to use software and apps is an integral part of incorporating technology into their daily routine. Oftentimes employees can be overwhelmed by the adoption of new processes, but with proper training, these anxieties can be eliminated.

The incorporation of new technology on jobsites may seem daunting at first, but if done properly, the benefits outweigh the learning curve challenges. Make sure thorough research is completed prior to purchasing any software to be certain it fits all the needs of your corporation. Ask for demos and trials in order to allow your employees to provide much needed feedback. Asking for pros and cons from the employees who will be interacting with the apps/software daily will also open the lines of communication between upper management and skilled trades workers. Creating a more efficient process doesn’t occur overnight, but with proper engagement and roll-out, you will see rapid positive changes.