By: RK Electrical

Although prefabrication methods have been used for centuries in the construction industry, they are new to the electrical industry. Prefabrication, which means to construct in advance, is the practice of connecting components in a warehouse and delivering completed or partially completed units to a construction site for installation. Building in a controlled environment adds value in many ways and increases safety by limiting work in elevated areas.

As electrical contractors search for new ways to increase productivity, some are beginning to develop prefabricated electrical systems to expedite installation and increase their ability to take on more sophisticated and complex projects. Electrical prefabrication includes a wide variety of components from switches and receptacles to internal floor and wall equipment.

  • Increased Installation Efficiency: Electrical assemblies are built to exact specifications, so once they are prefabricated and delivered on-site, they simply need to be connected to the electrical supply to start working, greatly increasing efficiency. This also limits lost time retrieving forgotten tools and materials since most of the work is already complete.
  • Less Material Handling: Prefabrication eliminates unnecessary material handling on the job site. In traditional construction, materials are moved from room to room as individual assemblies are built.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: By performing repetitive installations your team requires less time, saving you labor costs.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: With finalized plans, equipment can be prefabricated before the building is even built, which can shorten the project timeline
  • Higher Quality: Eliminating the negative impact of weather and other trades by prefabricating in a controlled environment allows for higher quality output.

RK Electrical can design an entire prefabricated electrical system for your project or simply build and deliver stand-alone assemblies. Our team will evaluate each project to find you the most cost-effective solutions. We also provide preconstruction services, which can decrease the time and labor required to complete the project.