By: RK Energy

Modular facilities and skidded equipment are manufactured and assembled indoors, at a fabrication facility, affording companies the opportunity to produce high-quality units while decreasing costs and often accelerating the project schedule. Organizations are increasingly innovating their construction and procurement processes by purchasing modular, mobile, prefabricated facilities and equipment.

Save Time and Money

Equipment is contained within a modular facility or skidded frame that allows it to be easily transported. Individual skids can house complete systems, or multiple skids may be combined to create larger modules. In cases where there are logistical constraints, large modules are split into multiple pre-assembled units that are interconnected at the site.

An Alternative to Traditional Construction

System parts can be shipped individually and installed on-site as needed. Because the systems are built off-site in a fabrication facility, improvements can be completed at the plant site simultaneously. Skidded process systems provide several advantages over traditional construction process systems:

Portability: Units are self-contained within frames, making it easier for them to be transported. Systems can be moved to another location as needed.

Space Saving: Custom frames allow equipment layering. All of the necessary equipment is able to fit into a smaller area.

Accessibility: Skids often contain a hallway in the center with the larger pieces of hardware placed around the periphery.

Better Organization: Skids are organized into one area at the site, making on-site connections easier.

Off-site Assembly: Skids are built in controlled conditions at a fabrication facility. Operations taking place at the plant are not affected by the new system fabrication.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT): Testing is completed before systems are shipped. Equipment is ready to be used immediately upon delivery reducing startup time.

Maintain Productivity: Skidded systems allow facilities to remain functioning while maintenance is being performed.

Quality Control: There is a higher level of responsibility and quality control when a single party is responsible for the construction and installation of skidded equipment.

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