Earlier this year, RK was featured on Denver 7 News in a story called “Construction company serves as national model for suicide prevention,” which highlighted the importance of removing the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

As an employer of skilled trades’ workers, one of the professions with a high rate of suicide, we take precautions to support and listen to our employees. The construction industry’s high rate of suicide stems from mental health issues, addiction, and a constantly changing job market. To ensure employees have a safe space, we have implemented certain initiatives, such as:

In addition to RK’s efforts, Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) suggests companies consider implementing the following resources at work to help reduce the likelihood of suicide.

RK values our employees and understands the importance of mental health and wellness. Not only do we want our employees to receive the best mental and physical healthcare available, but we’d also like to help other companies provide access to the resources they need to do the same.

If you, or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out to one of the numbers below to get help right away.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
1.800.273.8255 (English)
1.888.628.9454 (Espanol)
1.800.273.8255 (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
Crisis Text Line:
Text “Hello” to 741741 
    1. INTEGRATION RESOURCES, Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention

    By: RK Mechanical

    RK Mechanical, Inc. was recently voted One of Denver’s Healthiest Places to Work by the Denver Business Journal. This means that not only is safety a major concern, but employees’ physical and mental well-being are high-level factors, too. RK’s wellness strategy includes discounted gym memberships, the employment of a full-time wellness coach, and no doughnuts at meetings.

    RK Mechanical believes that to have a world-class company, you have to have world-class people who are cared for and encouraged to be healthier. By believing in doing the right thing, the family-owned business can further their already successful organization by ensuring that their number-one resource is healthy and happy.

    RK’s prevention-oriented health/wellness program includes helping employees quit tobacco use, lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more through efforts such as corporate gym memberships, a wellness website and an onsite tobacco cessation clinic, which is available four times a year. RK also offers an employee assistance program for help with personal and work-related problems, in addition to overall well-being.

    Wellness is an intentional action for RK and they have formulated a strategy for it. Even employees develop and organize their own programs, such as walking groups, biking to work, and even mountain climbing.

    This past summer, RK had its annual summer wellness challenge. Employees set many unique personal goals while participating in a variety of activities and most participants who logged their food and exercise for the three month period accomplished some incredible results.

    Over 100 employees and family members participated in the American Heart Association Walk on June 7th, which kicked off the challenge. After that, employees handed in food and exercise logs, as well as proof of participation in various events around town.

    RK’s Special Projects department was the winning team, with the most days working out twice a day, including bike rides into work, a run at lunch, and biking home. They also participated in the AXS Glenwood Spring Adventure Race.

    Two brave RK individuals Rode the Rockies for six days, traveling a total of 471 miles. Additional events included the Color Run, the MS 150 (two day bike ride), the Stampede Run, the Colorado Springs Incline, and the Donor Dash.

    A policy of wellness also means having world-class safety standards. The company’s safety and quality efforts include having full-time, licensed safety and quality-control managers who demand top performance. RK also operates according to top safety/quality standards, such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs, earning Star Mobile Workforce certification.