By: RK Water

Silver Bullet® has the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) community talking about its Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), giving it credibility as an effective biocide by controlling bacteria in a free-floating state. This news comes at a critical time as the outbreak of legionella in New York City and the release of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 188 standard have both been highly publicized the last few months.

Wait, what happened in New York?

In July of 2015, over 120 people in the Bronx became ill, eventually killing 12 of them. The source of their illness as been identified by ABC New York as a cooling tower at the Opera House Hotel causing Legionnaires’ disease. This disease is a severe infection caused by legionella species and presents pneumonia-like symptoms to those infected. This event marked the largest outbreak of the disease in New York City history. Check out the full story here:


ASHRAE 188 requires buildings/sites defined under 188 to implement a water management program that includes written documentation with specific components and control measures. As it is now a law in New York City to implement section 7.2 of the standard to all facilities defined under 188, it is just a matter of time before more and more local and state governments adopt the 188 standard. Not familiar with the standard? Here are the main components required of facilities to create a compliant water management plan:

1) Establish water management plan team

2) Incorporate building water system information and flow diagrams

3) Perform hazard analysis of the water system

4) Control measures with monitoring limits and corrective actions

5) Establish verification procedures

6) Perform validation methods

7) Document the water management plan

Full standard here:

How does 188 affect water treaters?

Although it is ultimately the building owner’s responsibility to understand, plan for and implement ASHRAE 188, water treatment companies can assist with outlining water management plans and play a key role in deployment actions. In addition, it is important that water treaters become experts on the standard as future court cases will be ruled according to ASHRAE 188.

There are plenty of free webinars and online training videos available including, ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015: Responsibilities, Liability and Opportunities, a free webinar recording offered by HC Information Resources. AWT offers members access to free webinars as well.

The ASHRAE 188 standard is here, understanding how it affects you as a building owner and a water treatment company is paramount. RK Water can help building owners and managers create water management plans and conduct baseline testing for legionella. For more information please email