By: RK Electrical

Last weekend we all set our clocks back an hour. The longer nights of winter have begun and soon many of us will be entering and leaving work in the dark each day.

Like much in today’s world, the technology behind LED lights moves quickly. For decades the baseline of LED lights was 100 lumens per watt (lumens are a measure of how much visible light is emitted; the more lumens per watt the more energy efficient the light source). Today the brightest LEDs emit 179 lumens per watt. They are bright, have a natural color and highly energy efficient.

RK Electrical has been retrofitting buildings, parking lots and parking structures throughout the Denver area with the LED lights for several years.

LED Lighting Keeps Your Facilities Safer and Brighter

Brighter, more natural-looking lights are only one of the reasons so many companies are making this important investment. LED lights can be easily dimmed, so illumination can be increased or decreased as conditions require. Lower lights for longer means significant savings.

LED lights will last for years and years, and they have guarantees to stand behind them. Many LED fixtures and drivers have ten year warranties. When professionally installed by RK Electrical electricians and journeymen, LED lights will improve visibility and safety, cost less and be virtually maintenance and worry free.

Kerry Felske, Senior Project Manager and Master Electrician at RK Electrical, recommends outdoor lighting at temperatures of 4000 Kelvin. “This is a natural and pleasant light,” Kerry says, adding, “The moon has a temperature of 4,130 Kelvin so it is ideal for outdoor lighting in any environment.”

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