By: RK Mechanical

Green building initiatives, including LEED for healthcare v4, and new patient care models have impacted healthcare construction. Sustainable, patient-focused facilities are designed and constructed to be safer, resource efficient and financially beneficial.

Green facilities reduce resource waste through LEED v4.

Building owners, facilities managers and contractors are focusing on green building strategies for new construction and renovation projects to ensure facilities are in good shape to serve patients now, and in the future. The LEED v4 rating system, specific to healthcare, places guidelines on specific energy- and water-efficiency prerequisites, including building reporting and disclosure requirements. A Future Trends article from Medical Construction & Design highlights popular sustainability advancements to meet the LEED requirements, including motion and light sensors to reduce energy, solar shading to increase natural day light and decrease internal heat gain and low-flow faucets and fixtures with auto-off controls to conserve water.

Patient-focused designs lower operating costs.

The popular W-shaped hospital layout limits patient exposure to noise and infection while improving navigation, keeping doctors closer to patients and promoting collaboration between medical specialties. Sustainable facilities reduce waste, contamination and greenhouse emissions while conserving water, energy and natural resources. Financially, LEED-certified buildings are designed to lower operating costs now and increase ROI in the future.

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