By: RK Steel

Steel canopies are durable, attractive, versatile and offer a convenient way to create a sheltered space. They can also provide significant cost savings as they only require concrete piers rather than full concrete slabs. Steel canopies can be built as freestanding structures or as add-ons to existing buildings and have a variety of uses.

Why Steel Canopies?
Wood canopies require significant ongoing maintenance and have been known to fail in severe storms. They can be costly to build and are not portable. Tent canopies can be great for a temporarily shaded space outdoors but lack durability and will quickly deteriorate after repeated exposure to the elements.

  • Steel canopies have clear advantages over wood or tent canopies.
  • Steel is naturally fire retardant. It has an extremely high melting point and will not contribute to the spread of a fire. In addition, fireproofing material is often applied to exposed steel surfaces to provide an additional hour of integrity and escape-ability during a fire before failure begins to set in.
  • Steel provides high strength and durability making it capable of withstanding heavy winds and snow loads.
  • Steel shapes allow for greater spans.
  • Steel is 100{daeb8d662f58e4975bc93960761d671bdf0aa2ad049ea8a375d2717d280ef80b} recyclable and has an endless life cycle that does not reduce its strength or durability making it an excellent environmental choice.
  • Steel canopies can be portable and used for both indoor and outdoor functions.
  • While steel does have the potential to rust over time, it requires much less maintenance than its counterparts. Weathering Steel, Grade A588, A606 or Cor-Ten, is designed to rust when exposed to the elements and eventually seals itself for a rustic look over time which eliminates the need for painting.

What Purposes Can Steel Canopies Serve?

  • Steel canopies can be attached to existing buildings to provide additional shelter over loading zones, extended waiting areas or building entrances and exits. A feature that will be appreciated by customers during inclement weather.
  • Canopies can also provide shade from the sun which can decrease business utility costs and increase customer comfort.
  • Drive-through passageways, such as service windows can be improved with steel canopies, keeping money, food and customers dry during a storm.
  • Covered parking can provide vehicle protection from the hot summer sun and harsh winter conditions.
  • They can be used for outdoor coverage of existing tennis courts, basketball courts and batting cages.
  • Farmers can use steel canopies to store hay and equipment away from the elements.
  • They offer a non-combustible way for gas stations to cover pumps and protect customers from sun and rain.
  • They can be built as shelters for picnic areas.
  • Lean-tos, shacks with an inclined roof which are supported on one side by a tree, post or building, are another option for weather protection in rustic environments.

RK Steel is an expert at fabricating and installing steel canopies for Balfour Beatty, Denver Transit Partners and the Regional Rail Stations providing protection from the elements for riders awaiting the next train. These particular canopies (pictured above) were 40′ long and installed as an assembly to reduce costs. RK Steel prefabricates canopies in a climate controlled shop to ensure that on-site installation will be smooth. Contact us at to discuss your steel canopy needs.