Spider Cranes: The Future of Construction

By: RK Steel

For years, spider cranes have been used for applications such as glass and aluminum-framed wall installations in new construction and renovation projects. Recently, they have started to make a mark in mainstream general construction.

Spider cranes can get nearly any job done with ease.

Whether it’s lifting steel for installation inside of an existing structure, working in confined or underground areas or operating in harsh conditions, spider cranes can do it all. They deliver unparalleled heavy lifting capacity for heavy and compact pieces of equipment. They can often provide solutions for challenging lifting problems with the ability to work in tight areas instead of using a larger crane that must be positioned some distance away.

Spider cranes decrease site congestion and increase efficiency.

Spider cranes don’t require the space that a larger crane does to operate. This means that they reduce disruption to the construction area and limit road closures. They are often more cost and time effective. Teams can overcome obstacles including dangerous work areas by sending in a spider crane rather than trying to maneuver a full-size crane that ultimately saves endless man-hours. Transportation of a spider crane is also much easier and cheaper due to its compact size.

Spider cranes are often equipped with a wireless radio remote control system.

The remotes have a wide operating range with multi-channel frequency, which makes it nearly impossible for any type of interference. This system has been used in demanding and secure work environments such as military facilities without any interference with radar. Controlling a spider crane with a remote control opens up opportunities for use in situations that may otherwise be too dangerous.

Erecting steel in a construction setting can be difficult to navigate with a traditional crane. The construction industry frequently requires working in some of the smallest and tightest work areas which no ordinary crane can reach. Spider cranes are engineered to fit into small spaces and easily maneuver, allowing more efficient work. They are able to move through a hall as narrow as a doorway, yet expand to provide impressive lifting capability.

RK Steel has acquired a spider crane to work on steel projects in the future. Do you have a project that requires work in confined or difficult spaces?  RK Steel has just the tool and the team to get the job done!  Contact rksteelestimating@rkindustries.com for more information