Showing Gratitude in the Workplace

Being grateful can make people feel more positive and reduces stress. Effectively showing gratitude at work can also make employees and coworkers feel appreciated. From improved productivity to a better work environment, better team relationships and an overall happier workforce, showing gratitude is important in the workplace.

If someone does something special for you, a thank you may not always suffice. Expressing gratitude that conveys your sincere appreciation can make a world of difference. Being authentic is extremely important. If the gesture appears insincere, the praise may seem patronizing, completely defeating the purpose.

Here are the top 8 ways to express genuine gratitude in the workplace:

  1. Smile and greet employees and coworkers daily. This simple action sets the tone for the workday.
  2. Recognize efforts even if things do not go as planned. Give words of encouragement to your team when you know they have they tried their hardest, regardless of the result.
  3. Be respectful of everyone’s time. Don’t call meetings when a simple email would suffice.
  4. Offer flexible work arrangements for employees who have proven to be responsible and effective workers.
  5. Surprise your team with a special treat, such as lunch or coffee, once a month or after completing a big project.
  6. Show your gratitude with words of appreciation and encouragement often. Switch up your vocabulary and be specific. Instead of always saying “thank you,” try “you’re the best for…” or “I couldn’t have done… without you.” Consider listing their characteristics that you admire the most.
  7. If you do not feel comfortable expressing your gratitude verbally, write notes to those you want to thank.
  8. Share the spotlight and make your gratitude public. Regularly highlight those on your team who contributed to the completion of a big project by praising them in meetings and through a company-wide platform, such as an internal newsletter or bulletin board where employees can post shout-outs.
  9. Nothing speaks louder than compensation and promotions. These are key incentives for employees to continue working hard and striving for success.

Being grateful in the workplace is extremely beneficial, not just to employees but also to leadership and the company. By encouraging a culture that emits gratitude, a business can more easily succeed, or even exceed, in its goals.


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