See Water? How to Find a Quality Excavation Service Provider.

Water issues are a nightmare for property managers, commercial and apartment building owners, and business owners. Whether a fire or potable water line bursts at 2 AM, sanitary lines back up, causing flooding or tenants report foul smells from a broken sanitary line, water and sewer issues are never fun.

Property managers and building owners often do not know what is happening underground and their first call is to Denver Water or a fire protection company. Though the water company may be able to diagnose the problem, they typically call in the experts to manage the excavation work – your friends at RK Service!

When should I call an excavation service?

Sensors are often triggered when there are issues in the water and fire pipes in your building’s systems. However, those sensors may not accurately indicate what is happening underground. It is a good idea to contact the water utility company or the fire protection company first to shut down the mains and ensure the protection of the surrounding environment. Next, find an excavation and plumbing service provider to resolve the issue.

How do I choose an excavation and plumbing service provider?

The number one thing to consider when choosing an excavation and plumbing service provider is proper licensing, processes and protocols. Denver is the most difficult city in Colorado to get licensed in plumbing and excavation services. Service providers must have all the appropriate licenses to correct the damage.

In addition, watch out for excavating companies that don’t pull the appropriate permits. Excavating without the correct permits and licenses is illegal and may result in a drawn-out resolution for the issue. Further, your business will be at risk of a lien if you do not choose an excavation company that is licensed, insured and has taken the time to pull the correct permits.

What to consider when calling for emergency plumbing services.

With dozens of excavation companies in Denver, you need to know how to choose the best one for your project that can complete all aspects of the work. In addition to appropriate licensing, property owners should look for the following:

  • Experience – You want an excavation contractor with years of experience, successful projects and references you can contact.
  • Insurance – A Denver excavation company must be insured and understand the responsibility for their work and others on the job site.
  • Pricing – Find a competitively priced company that will deliver the quality you need when you need the job done. Choosing the lowest price isn’t always the best option. A successful project, free of issues, is always better than discovering problems caused by the lowest-priced contractor available.
  • Responsiveness – As a building owner, you want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible for the comfort and safety of your tenants. Find a service provider that offers 24/7 service and a quick response time. The gold standard response time is within a two-hour window, so if the service provider says they’ll send someone out “tomorrow,” call another provider.

Pipes are fixed. Now what?

Make sure your excavation company cleans up after their work. Did you know the property or building owner is fully responsible for the quality of the excavation provided? For example, when streets are not correctly patched after excavating, the city will often redo the streets and bill the property owner directly. The invoices are typically a more considerable dollar amount than what an expert excavation company would charge.

It is important to choose an excavation and plumbing service that will fix the problem and restore the property to its original condition. You should expect a superior customer service experience from your provider and have your property looking as good as new, or better, once the work is complete.

Choose RK Service as your trusted partner.

If you have a water crisis that requires excavation and plumbing services, RK Service has the knowledge, licensing and expertise to start digging under emergency circumstances. The team can help you navigate the process with our excellent customer support.

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