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Our expertise

Keep your business connected with RK Service – we’re not just another electrical service provider, we’re your trusted partners, available 24/7. Our expertise lies in the construction, conservation and control of electrical systems, always staying a step ahead, anticipating your needs and ensuring your facility remains operational and efficient at all times. From revamping interiors to upgrading electrical frameworks, we’re equipped to handle the challenging demands of various industries, including commercial, restaurant, industrial or institutional. Our team is fully trained in accordance with NFPA 70B standards, ensuring your equipment maintenance is always up to the mark.

Our electrical service offerings include:


  • Specializing in commercial, restaurant, industrial, and institutional sectors
  • Remodeling and expansion services to match your growth
  • Emergency services to ensure that your business never faces a power outage
  • ‘Build to your Design’ services to suit your unique requirements


  • Comprehensive energy audits and cost analysis to optimize your energy consumption
  • EV charging stations, powering the future of mobility
  • Efficiency solutions that save you money and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Lighting controls that adapt to your needs and conserve energy


  • 21 Point Electrical Panel Safety Check, because your safety is our priority
  • Power Studies and thermal scanning to prevent potential problems
  • UPS system checks and backup verification to maintain constant power supply
  • Scheduled Maintenance that adheres to your timelines
  • Surge Protection to safeguard your equipment from power spikes
Build a career in electrical services