Salt Lake City International Airport

Industries : Aviation and Airports
Solutions : Mechanical
Regions : Utah

RK Mechanical designed, fabricated and installed the all-new mechanical, hydronics and plumbing systems for this ground-up building for new terminal, concourse, gateway, connector bridges, central utility plant, and parking garage. RK Mechanical performed as the CAD lead for the BIM process, fabricated and installed all new mechanical, hydronic, plumbing systems including 70,000 LF of UG piping, 170,000 LF AG plumbing piping, 224,000 LF of hydronic piping, 148,000 LF (1.5 M LBS) of sheetmetal as well as the immense seismic demands for all systems. RK coordinated and set the equipment including 10 cooling towers, 46 AHUs, eight chillers, four boilers, 16 sand oil interceptors, CRAC units, FCUs, fin tube heaters, CUHs, fans, pumps, vertical pumps, etc.