One River North

Industries : office and residential, Office and retail
Solutions : Mechanical
Regions : Metro Colorado

Sitting at 40th and Blake, One River North is a 16-story residential building with three floors of underground parking. The building contains 187 residential units with 13,352 square feet of open-air environments including retail space and a lobby on the ground floor. The seventh floor of the building includes a community room, while the ninth floor includes a fitness area. The rooftop has a pool, deck and pet relief area. The most unique feature of the building is its hiking trail, also known as “the canyon,” which is a walkway that winds throughout the structure of the building across four floors, with a waterfall between the eighth and sixth floors. To enhance the canyon and specific to what grows through the eastern plains, living plants and trees will be planted and grow through the facility, visible from the exterior of the building, and supported by an irrigation system. 

To build this outdoor landscaped paradise, RK Mechanical was hired as the mechanical and plumbing contractor to provide the additional mechanical and plumbing systems required to support the landscaped patios and planting and gathering areas. In addition, the exterior-focused design significantly reduces the available space for mechanical system coordination, making pre-planning critical for successful sequencing to meet schedules and avoid delays. RK Mechanical is providing full-service mechanical and plumbing scopes for the project.