Ft. Carson Soldier Family Care Center

Industries : Federal Government, Healthcare, Military, Sustainable
Solutions : Mechanical
Regions : Southern Colorado

The Ft. Carson Soldier Family Care Center (SFCC) is a three-story medical facility serving the Ft. Carson Army base. RK Mechanical was responsible for the full mechanical scope of work for this addition and renovation project. Mechanical features included four indoor air handling units (AHUs) with variable air volume (VAV), chilled and heated water coils, two condensing boilers, two chillers, two counter-flow cooling towers, pumps and fans with high efficiency motors, variable frequency drives (VFD’s), and associated piping and ductwork. The plumbing system included two water heaters with storage tanks, low-flow fixtures, hot water recirculation systems, pumps with high efficiency motors, VFDs and associated piping accessories. Medical and dental systems included oxygen distribution, dental low-vacuum, dental high-vacuum and nitrogen distribution.