Industries : Data Centers/Communication Infrastructure
Solutions : Mission Critical
Regions : Metro Colorado

FORTRUST is a world-class data center services provider. Their Denver facility is likely the most reliable and secure colocation data center in the Rocky Mountain region, and has operated for over 14 years with no down time. FORTRUST decided to implement modular, indoor data center modules that can be easily added and transported in their highly secure warehouse. RK Mission Critical used prefabricated construction methods to build these modules, including performing all mechanical work to install the cooling system. Our prefabricated approach allows FORTRUST to utilize their existing real estate asset and chilled water system in a more efficient way, preserving CapEx and adding capacity just-in-time. Each module is 12’W x 12’H x 42’L, houses 20 cabinets, and is able to cool up to 200 kW in a Tier III configuration.