December 12, 2019 – We are thrilled to announce that a recent interview which RK did with NPR regarding our mental health and suicide awareness efforts aired on Morning Edition today. The story is powerful and a big step for raising awareness in the industry. RK is extremely proud to be playing a role in this movement.

A segment from the story reads, “Most critically, says Kinning, the company embraced lots and lots of open talk about mental health. ‘It’s a crisis in our country. It’s a crisis in our business,’ Kinning says. And it required rethinking the entire business. ‘If somebody didn’t show up in the past, we’d be like, You’ve got a job to do — get in here,’ he says. ‘We’ve just changed our tone and our culture. I talk about mental health nearly every time I have a group of employees.’ That outreach has prompted workers to take advantage of therapy and other benefits. ‘We’ve averted probably 15 suicides since 2014,’ says Kinning. ‘That’s a pretty good success rate.'”

The construction industry’s high rate of suicide stems from mental health issues, addiction, and a constantly changing job market. RK works diligently to ensure all of our employees receive the best mental and physical healthcare available.

You can read and listen to the full story here.

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