RK Steel Earns AISC Certification

June 14, 2011 – RK Steel (RK Specialties, Inc.) is proud to announce that after many months of preparation and effort, it has officially earned AISC Certification. Widely regarded as the steel industry’s premier accreditation, AISC Certification is the most broadly recognized quality standard within the industry, demonstrating RK Steel’s expertise, accountability and qualification.

In order to attain AISC Certification, RK Steel underwent a thorough and rigorous company-wide evaluation which included both personnel and facility assessments.

According to RK Steel customer, G.E. Johnson Construction Company’s Preconstruction Director, Ryan Wilson, “AISC certification is not only recognized within the industry as the benchmark for quality, it’s also increasingly being named as a project requirement. The fact that RK Steel has earned AISC Certification will allow us to offer them more opportunities to bid work and also lets us know that they adhere to the highest quality standards and have built-in accountability and oversight at all levels of the organization.”

Because certification renewal is subject to annual reviews, RK Steel is dedicated to continually improving efficient methods and practices which allow for the fabrication and delivery of a superior product on every project. By hiring and developing experienced steel industry experts, RK Steel has the resources and ingenuity necessary to effectively handle a wide variety of miscellaneous metals and steel projects of all sizes and complexity.