August 13, 2020 — We are thrilled to share that RK Mission Critical, LLC., (RKMC), has signed a teaming agreement with Roxbox, to provide a full range of container based modular solutions.

RKMC and RoxBox create a formidable team to create, design, manufacturer and deploy container based modular solutions on a national basis. “RoxBox provides RKMC with the container build option expertise, know-how, and creativity as well as application experience in the hospitality, commercial, and multi-family markets,” said John Marrinucci, GM of RK Mission Critical, LLC. RKMC provides RoxBox the ability to scale, and supports a product roll out on a national level with expertise in data, healthcare, and disaster relief market niches, where the use of a standard container is preferred due to their simple design, durability, and low cost. The partnership solidifies an ongoing relationship and allows the team to broaden its capability for delivering higher volume projects at accelerated delivery times associated for our customers’ off-site manufactured products. RoxBox is RK Mission Critical’s exclusive partner on the delivery of container-based solutions. “The teaming agreement is very exciting for our company and our customers requiring customized container solutions worldwide,” states Marrinucci.

About RK Mission Critical, LLC

RK Mission Critical, LLC, a business unit of RK, is a leading provider of fully-customizable off-site manufacturing solutions for the mission critical, data, telecom, power and disaster relief markets. RK Mission Critical implements a range of off-site manufacturing strategies for its customers ranging from the simplest single discipline prefabrication to the most complex fully integrated multi-disciplined data center facility. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, RK Mission Critical has deep relationships with many blue-chip customers, including some of the nation’s leading data, telecom, power, equipment manufacturers and end-users.

About RoxBox Containers, LLC

RoxBox Containers, LLC, a Denver-based manufacturing company, is a leading provider of custom shipping container solutions. With over a decade of experience in the shipping container industry, RoxBox has become the subject matter expert in developing creative solutions for the nation’s modular needs. Our dedication to product development and innovation has resulted in a broad product line ranging from mobile infrastructure containers, to off-grid disaster relief containers, to mobile healthcare facilities. If it can be built with a container, RoxBox will deliver it.

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