April 22, 2021 – RK is proud to announce the 10th anniversary of the RK Foundation, a charitable organization that supports a variety of local nonprofits and public service organizations. What started out as humble donations of tools to employees in need by RK’s founder Ron Kinning, is now a formal organization that has supported the communities where we live and work for the last ten years. To date, the RK Foundation, which focuses its giving on community development, education, and health, has donated more than $1.8 million to 156 organizations that work to improve the quality of life for individuals in the communities where RK team members work and live. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, RK Foundation will donate $10,011 to a charity selected by its employees, host a reception to honor recipients of RK Foundation funding and legacy partners of the organization, and a golf tournament to raise funds for future grants.

Established in 2011, the RK Foundation is directed by the Kinning family, who founded RK, a leader in the commercial construction, manufacturing, fabrication and building services industries. The RK Foundation oversees charitable efforts for the company and allocates grant funding to local nonprofits and causes that align with key focus areas of community development, education and health. The RK Foundation is entirely self-sustaining and funded solely by proceeds from recycling the scrap metal generated in RK’s fabrication shops and customer project sites.

“The RK Foundation was inspired by my father, Ron Kinning, who was always looking for ways to help others,” shared Jon Kinning, president of RK Foundation and chief operating officer and executive vice president at RK. “My dad liked to go to garage sales to find tools which he would then give to young apprentices at RK to give them a hand up and help them get started in their career. He really believed in the importance of supporting workforce development and helping his young apprentices overcome early career barriers, such as buying their own tools and work boots.”

To celebrate this major milestone, the RK Foundation produced this 10th anniversary video and has some events planned for later this year. Read the full press release here. For more information on RK Foundation, visit www.rk-foundation.org.