April 5, 2022 – RK Mission Critical, in partnership with SCATE Ventures, introduces the nation’s first modular and scalable immersion cooling container, DISRUPTOR ™ IC 2000. Immersion cooling is a cooling technology for use in high-density data centers and mining operations. In an immersion cooling system, servers or miners are submerged in a dielectric fluid that is a better heat conductor than air. Immersion cooling yields a process that is 1,000x more efficient than traditional cooling methods, allowing miners to be overclocked to increase their output and density, while reducing the overall carbon footprint per megawatt.

The DISRUPTOR™ IC 2000 is a second-generation product based on SCATE’s early immersion solutions and the lessons learned in SCATE’s product deployment. Unlike the majority of the immersion cooling systems on the market today, which utilizes a “bathtub” approach (many miners placed in large tubs), the DISRUPTOR ™ IC 2000 will utilize SCATE’s patent-pending Hashbox™, a form-fitted box specifically designed and molded for each model of cryptocurrency miner. The Hashbox™ is uniquely made to accommodate all major miner manufacturers and models. The design allows for the most efficient cooling and use of dielectric fluid in the industry, giving operators the maximum amount of control per individual miner maximizing each miners ROI.

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