Maintaining Healthy Buildings During a Pandemic

Recently, companies have been more concerned about the health and safety of their buildings due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only are they worried about keeping current employees and customers safe and happy, they also want to attract new talent and tenants. It is important to address the virus-related concerns since many people are now thinking about the air quality of the buildings they will be spending their days in. So, what can companies do to improve the overall health of their buildings?

Expand on Current Inspections
In most buildings, facility managers have already upgraded their building to include health conscious features like indoor plants, water bottle filling stations and natural lighting fixtures, along with regular inspections of HVAC and other systems. As we continue to live through the pandemic, companies need to look beyond just operating efficiently to help people feel safe.

In addition to regular inspections for wear and tear, businesses should examine unseen systems, such as ventilation and cleaning protocols, which could be just as vital for safety as a leaking ceiling or a crack in a sidewalk.

Keep Fresh Air Flowing
Recycling air from one room to another can increase the risk of airborne viruses also transferring. With growing concern of viruses spreading among people in close quarters, improvements to existing ventilation systems are needed. Increasing the amount of outdoor fresh air, along with purifying existing air in the building through bi-polar ionization can go a long way. While opening windows can be a quick fix, most buildings don’t have that option.

Reducing Transmission through Touchpoints
Install equipment such as toilet sensors, touchless soap dispensers and faucets, foot door pulls, and sensory lighting to minimize touchpoint transmission. For surfaces that must be used communally, consider an antimicrobial coating system to reduce the likelihood of transmission.

Encourage and Enforce CDC Recommendations
If there are areas of your building where restrooms aren’t nearby, consider installing hand sanitation stations to encourage regular hand washing.
Be sure all employees and guests are wearing masks or face coverings and wearing them properly, covering both their mouth and nose. Also, remind them to safely social distance when interacting with one another.

Evaluating your building’s current systems and equipment can help to identify ways to improve air quality, boost equipment performance and often leads to discovering new ways to increase energy savings.

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