COVID-19 has created significant business disruptions worldwide, and has owners and operators wondering what steps to take to ensure occupant safety going forward. Beyond just cleaning out HVAC/R systems, advanced bi-polar ionization surface and air purification systems are the modern technology facilities should consider installing to ensure their building provides a healthy environment. Research proves that surface and air purification technology implemented directly into a building’s HVAC system can significantly reduce harmful bacteria and viruses in the air. TOP SIX BENEFITS OF BI-POLAR IONIZATION SYSTEMS:

  1. Significantly reduces dangerous bacteria and virus including human coronavirus, norovirus, staph, MRSA, E.Coli, clostridium difficile (C.DIFF), tuberculosis (TB), airborne mold spores and legionella pneumophilia.
  2. Does not produce detectable Ozone*, or volitile organic chemicals (VOCs). There is no catalytic process. *UL 2998 recommends Ozone levels of less than .005 PPM. Insure all air-cleansing technologies carry the UL label. 
  3. No replacements parts and minimal maintenance. Self-cleaning systems are an option.
  4. System lifespan is up to 20 years with continual use and includes a 1-year warranty period.
  5. Universal voltage applicable to all systems.
  6. Tackles odors, particulates and static electricity in living spaces.
It is not a matter of if this technology will become a building code requirement, but when. Stay ahead of future interruptions to your business by installing a trusted purification system now. RK Service highly recommends a bi-polar purification system install in all facilities. Our evaluation and three-step systems approach gives owners and operators the confidence they need to welcome occupants back into their buildings. Contact us to learn more.