Is Your Business Prepared For Construction Challenges?

By: RK 

Optimism is high for the construction industry in 2018, but as with any business, the reality of the challenges facing our field is a possibility and you need to stay prepared to weather the storm.

Here are a few tips to help your company remain competitive.

Issue: Skilled Trades Shortage

2017 saw a massive increase in the need for skilled workers, and 2018 is no different. Unfortunately, the industry is having difficulty finding skilled laborers to keep up with the demand. The shortage of skilled tradespeople means builders are facing the stark realization that in order to staff their job sites and stay competitive, they need to provide training, competitive wages and also be prepared to offer more overtime.


Issue: Accelerated Schedules

Unfortunately, with soaring land and material costs, owners and developers are demanding faster construction time lines which leads to accelerated project schedules and places a strain on subcontractors.


  • Plan ahead. By creating a staffing plan and sticking to it, you will then be prepared to staff your job site during peak construction and avoid paying employees overtime.

Issue: Industry Bias

Graduating design students may feel as though the construction industry isn’t a line of business that will foster their design skills and put them to use. Although the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) was adapted at a leisurely pace, successful companies are investing money into building robust BIM departments. Graduating design students have the skillset necessary to fill these positions within the construction industry.


  • Recruit those graduating with design degrees that require basic skillset and knowledge needed to work in a CAD department. This sought after skill is also appealing to those graduating with a focused design degree from major universities while also guaranteeing more efficient work practices for employers.

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