Infrared Thermography: The Answer to Your Electrical Problems

By: RK Electrical 

What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared thermography is the science of measuring temperature through detectors that are sensitive to infrared energy and displaying the result as an infrared image. All objects emit thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The hotter the object is, the more intense the infrared radiation emitted.

How Does it Work?

Most equipment failures experience a significant rise in temperature long before the failure occurs. Infrared thermography detects heat which can help identify deteriorating pieces of equipment before they fail.

With this technology, thermal information can be captured from operating equipment at a safe distance. This allows viewing of irregular temperature readings under normal operating conditions and the ability to pinpoint the problem before the equipment breaks down.

Infrared thermography is ideal for a wide range of situations because it does not require direct contact with the equipment. It is most useful in testing parts that are unable to be shut off, difficult to reach, hot, moving, dangerous or might be damaged through direct contact. Infrared cameras are also very helpful in detecting energy or moisture-related problems in a building.

Top 5 Benefits of Infrared Thermography
  1. Live Testing: Testing can be performed while equipment is functioning, reducing service disruption.
  2. Detects Defects and Increases Energy Efficiency: Quickly spotting defective areas of energy loss or excess moisture allows for a faster fix and better energy efficiency.
  3. More Effective Maintenance: By being able to pinpoint specific areas of need rather than testing every component, maintenance can be done more quickly and efficiently.
  4. Low Inventory Costs: Since infrared thermography spots areas that could become a problem before they do, parts can be ordered as needed.
  5. Real Time Results Reduce Downtime and Increase Safety: Using technology with predictive abilities and real-time recording allows companies to plan for maintenance shutdowns. This also keeps workers safe by preventing potential injuries from equipment failure.

RK Electrical uses infrared thermography to identify electrical problems, locate thermal patterns and detect hot spots in motors, breakers and switchgear enabling. We analyze this data to improve systems, enhance environmental comfort and increase building efficiency. Conserving energy in this way saves our customers money.  If you are interested in having our team inspect your equipment with infrared thermography, contact us at for more information.