By: RK Water

The water treatment industry is evolving to reduce the use of chemical treatments and eliminate some products that are no longer viable given today’s environmental legislation as well as corporate sustainability initiatives. Facilities, as well as Facility Operators, need solutions to keep up with the times.

As government regulations continue to become more stringent, water treatment programs must adapt. New technologies that provide greener, safer and sustainable solutions are becoming more readily available to help meet these regulations. One such technology, the Silver Bullet® system, is gaining traction as a viable way to reduce traditional chemicals as well as kill microbiological agents through natural processes.

RK Water has achieved positive results, reducing liquid chemistry by over 80{daeb8d662f58e4975bc93960761d671bdf0aa2ad049ea8a375d2717d280ef80b}, using the Silver Bullet system with clients that are seeking sustainable water treatment solutions for HVAC evaporative cooling (comfort cooling) or process cooling, particularly in industries including high-tech, financial, education and government.

Corporate sustainability is a growing trend and now impacts many business decisions and purchases. Many big-name corporations, like Google, are ISO 14001 certified as well. ISO 14001 is a set of standards to help organizations minimize their impact on the environment during the process of how their products or services are produced.

Whether an organization’s goal is LEED points, reducing environmental impacts and carbon footprints or reducing water usage and waste, Silver Bullet can be a key component of a sustainability program. It can help a facility reduce biocides and large containers of inhibitor, and also reduce the logistics, transportation, storage and liability issues that are inherent with chemical-based water treatment.

If your facility has ever experienced a chemical spill or leak, you know how excruciating it can be to conduct a clean-up. It’s worth considering the Silver Bullet system as an add-on to your current water program. A water system with reduced chemicals not only helps achieve sustainability goals but is also safer for people.

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