Facilities Management Partnerships: 5 Ways They Can Help You Reach Your Operational Goals

By: RK Service

Facilities management is the maintenance of buildings and equipment. It’s a complex and difficult job which is necessary to support and help improve the effectiveness of any business. Effective facilities management aids in providing a safe and efficient working environment; and contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives.


Facilities teams often lack the appropriate resources needed in order to meet their facilities management goals. Many times they are overworked and can’t keep up with routine maintenance. They are too busy handling day to day duties and emergencies, requiring outside assistance in order to get back on track.


When companies need assistance reaching their facilities goals, they create a facilities management partnership. A strong partnership can formulate and realize the overall facilities management strategy. While there are many benefits to utilizing a facilities management partnership, these are the top five.

    Keeping tabs on each mechanical asset is a daunting task. Today, technology has enabled service providers to inventory and track all mechanical assets on a cloud-based platform with easy to use customer Warranty status, repair and maintenance history, upcoming scheduled events and EOL forecasts are all recorded and accessible from a single source.
    Are you haunted by budget planning season? Eliminate the element of surprise with your CFO by creating a ten-year budget plan based on asset life expectancy. The cost of repairs and replacement are inevitable, the surprise doesn’t need to be.
    Hiring additional full-time employees can be very time consuming and expensive. A facilities management partnership reduces your staffing needs by allowing you access to licensed engineers and technicians when you need them for significantly less money and headache.
    A facilities management partner will manage your ongoing maintenance schedule. Technicians will perform the maintenance tasks and supply you with a report of their findings, along with advice as to what should be done next.
    Find a trusted advisor who will be there when you need them. When situations arise that are outside of your skill set or you simply don’t have the coverage, a strong service partner will quickly mobilize for critical repairs and replacement.

RK Service is dedicated to maintaining an outstanding partnership in support of our clients. With our team of 80 technicians and 24-hour on-call emergency services, we are there for you when you need us the most. Utilizing our GPS-located vehicles, we’ll dispatch the nearest technician to assist you. Our diverse experience, dedicated account management and full MEP scope allow us to offer expert advice to companies looking to transform their current facilities services. A close and strategic partnership with us can limit risk and increase opportunities to add value. RK Service is backed by the power of RK, drawing on the knowledge of over 1,600 employees in a variety of trades. Contact us at servicesales@rkindustries.com to discuss your facilities management partnership needs and what we can do to help you reach your goals.