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RK Energy’s team focuses on alternative energy systems for several reasons. Most importantly, renewable energy technology lessens global dependence on fossil fuels and provides an energy source that has less environmental impact. RK Energy’s team is at the forefront of creating alternative energy solutions that can benefit businesses across a range of industries by helping to decrease carbon footprints and energy consumption. Our experts provide custom fabrication, engineering, design and quality control services to help provide alternative energy solutions that are custom-designed for your business to succeed.

Difference Between Alternative Energy and Renewable Energy

Although the terms alternative and renewable energy are often used interchangeably, they’re not always the same. Both types of energy are used to describe more eco-friendly options in place of fossil fuels, but there are a few important differences. These differences lie in how the energy solution impacts the environment. Alternative energy solutions never harm the environment by producing fossil fuels, while some renewable energy solutions can impact the environment in a negative way.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from natural sources. This includes wind, sunlight and some crops like corn. As energy is generated, these natural sources can be replenished quickly, so they’re always abundant and available. This is extremely beneficial since our current energy sources — fossil fuels — are limited and will not regenerate over time.

Some renewable energy can produce greenhouse gases or harm the environment. For example, wind turbines can kill flying wildlife and wind farms require a lot of land. Other renewable energy sources, like water, doesn’t harm the environment at all.

What is Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy is generated from natural resources without causing any harm to the environment. When energy is generated from the wind, water, or sun, it produces an alternative to fossil fuels, without contributing to global warming, using up finite resources like coal, natural gas, or oil and ensuring that our ecosystem is not harmed in the process.

Most alternative energy sources are also infinite, with few exceptions, including nuclear energy, since it uses uranium to create energy in nuclear power plants.

Alternative Energy Sources

There are a wide range of alternative energy systems that are becoming more accessible for industries across the globe.

Bioenergy is generated from organic materials which are referred to as biomass or biofuels. This includes animal and plant byproducts, wood and even methane from landfills. Bioenergy is used to produce heat, electricity and biofuel like ethanol.

Geothermal Energy is generated from underground reservoirs that contain hot water and steam. The energy from geothermal systems are converted into electricity, which can be used to power individual homes or entire neighborhoods.

Hydroelectric Energy is generated from moving water’s energy. Also referred to as hydropower, this type of energy is sourced when water moves through turbines in a dam, which produces electricity to power homes and businesses.

Hydrogen Energy is created when hydrogen and oxygen atoms are combined to create a clean-burning fuel that works to produce power for electric motors. It operates much like a battery, but with fewer pollutants to the environment.

Nuclear Energy is generated through the fission process of atoms. This creates a chain reaction that continues to generate energy, which is converted into steam. The steam rotates a turbine which converts it into electricity.

Solar Energy uses photovoltaic cells (also known as solar cells) to generate energy. Solar panels can be spotted on the roofs of houses and in solar farms that are used to generate solar power for entire businesses.

Wave and Tidal Energy are two alternative energy solutions that are generated from the ocean. The size, speed and water density determine the output of energy, but it’s very effective at generating enough energy to create electricity to power a home or business.

Wind Energy is likely the most popular alternative energy solution. It’s generated by windmills, wind turbines and off-shore wind farms, which produce wind power to electrify homes and entire communities.

Alternative Energy Solutions

The US is currently dependent on fossil fuels that are slowly being depleted. If we aren’t careful, we’ll run out of these non-renewable resources, including oil, natural gas and coal. It’s also important to understand our impact on the earth as we continue to burn fossil fuels. This method for energy production currently impacts the ocean, the air and contributes to global warming.

As alternative energy sources continue to become more accessible, many industries are choosing to be at the forefront of the transition away from a dependence on fossil fuels. Alternative energy solutions are better for the environment, produce fewer greenhouse gases and many are infinite in supply.

RK Energy is here to help industries choose the right alternative energy solutions to meet their needs. We’re the leading experts on hydrogen, CO2 recapture, upgrading oil and recycle technology and we’re passionate about finding better energy solutions for our businesses and our planet.

More about RK

RK Energy’s in-house team offers personalized service on every project. From project conception to the finished product, we provide custom design assistance and expert alternative energy fabrication that help your business succeed. Our team offers professional engineering, design, project management and quality control services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our prefabrication knowledge and in-house factory acceptance testing will ensure that your products are efficient and fully operational when you receive them.

RK Energy has unmatched experience and expertise in alternative energy solutions and fabrication. Our team provides high-quality, cost-effective solutions for clients throughout the United States and we’re committed to helping businesses as they become more environmentally responsible. We offer a variety of alternative energy solutions that are custom-designed to help your business function efficiently, effectively and environmentally responsibly.

RK Energy is a leading fabrication company for alternative energy systems. To learn more about alternative energy solutions and to discuss which ones are right for your business, contact us today.

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