By: RK Electrical


Have you been testing, cleaning and maintaining your equipment? Electrical Safety Month was created in the mid-1990s by Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to raise awareness of potential electrical hazards and fire safety. This is a great time to remember the importance of regularly testing, cleaning and maintaining your equipment.

Electrical equipment is used in most businesses today, but they often don’t think about the potential hazards that come along with it. If improperly used or maintained, equipment can cause serious shock, burns or even death.

  1. Have a licensed, qualified heating technician regularly maintain your heating system and electrical equipment to prevent future problems.
  2. Routinely change heating system filters to keep air properly flowing.
  3. Verify that ground fault circuit interrupters are installed in areas near water, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements and outdoors.
  4. Do not overload outlets, electrical circuits or motors. If it feels hot, is making a strange noise, sparking or smoking, turn it off immediately. Do not turn back on until it has been repaired by a licensed technician.
  5. If an appliance appears to be damaged or repeatedly blows a fuse, unplug it and contact a technician for repair or replacement.
  6. Avoid using light bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage.
  7. Light switches that feel hot or spark should be immediately turned off and inspected by a qualified electrician.
  8. Make sure that all circuit breakers and fuses are properly labeled.
  9. Inspect extension cords for wear and tear frequently. Immediately replace any that show signs of damage.
  10. Do not run electrical cords through walking areas to avoid tripping hazards.

Training and preparation are some of the most important practices a business owner can implement to increase electrical safety. Workers should be properly educated to ensure a workplace that is safe and free from electrical hazards.

  1. In the case of an emergency, such as equipment malfunction or electrical fire, make sure that you know where the power source is and how to shut it off quickly.
  2. If a power or extension cord feels warm, unplug it. This is a sign that it is overloaded.
  3. Don’t use electrical appliances around wet areas. Also, be sure to dry your hands before using electrical appliances.
  4. Always unplug equipment by gripping the plug and not the cord.
  5. Never touch someone who has been electrocuted and is in contact with a live wire. Contact emergency services right away.

If you experience electrical issues, hiring a licensed electrician for repairs is the safest route. It is also important for a qualified technician to perform new installations and routine maintenance. Having a licensed professional examine your facility can help to identify potential risks and create a plan to fix the problems.

RK Electrical offers electrical installation, wiring, repair, system testing and cleaning, energy efficiency upgrades and more for all types and sizes of facilities. All our electrical services are performed to ensure your facility is safe and up to code. Contact us at rkelectrical@rkindustries.com to schedule electrical maintenance or repair.