Does Colorado Resolution 35 Affect You?

By: RK Energy

Colorado Resolution 35 is a quality program that applies to factory-built, non-residential structures. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing, Standards & Technology section enforces compliance with the standard.

A factory-built, non-residential structure is one that is designed for commercial, industrial or other non-residential use and is made, fabricated, formed or assembled in a manufacturing facility for installation or assembly and installation on a foundation at the building site.

All fabricated non-residential structures that are manufactured, sold or offered for sale in the State of Colorado must display the Colorado Resolution 35 quality program seal, which is issued by the state. This seal certifies that the structure has been constructed in compliance with applicable codes and regulations adopted by the State Housing Board. It is required even for small structures which would otherwise not be except to operate the controls or maintain equipment.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the program can result in a Prohibited Sale Notice and, possibly, a Red Tag Notice being posted on the applicable structure. These notices state that the structure may not be sold or moved without prior written approval from the Division of Housing. A Prohibited Sale Notice means that the structure contains a violation. A Red Tag Notice indicates that there is a life threatening violation present. In both cases, the structure must be corrected and re-inspected for a fee before the tags will be removed and the structures can be sold.

The Colorado Resolution 35 quality program is a useful plan for businesses that need more than a simple management system but less than full compliance with ISO:9001. The quality program for compliance with Colorado Resolution 35 is considered an intermediate construction-grade management system.

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