As a second-generation, family-owned merit shop enterprise, RK Industries, LLC (RK) represents seven distinct lines of business that work together to offer construction, manufacturing, advanced fabrication and building services.

Integration and Multi-trade Solutions

RK is at the forefront of offsite, multi-trade fabrication and manufacturing, leveraging our extensive experience to specialize in modern products and modularized systems. Our approach combines turnkey solutions for electrical, mechanical and plumbing needs with custom-designed product solutions. More specifically, we are the leading solutions provider for modernized conveyance systems.

These systems are built on a versatile steel frame and support the transfer of power, liquids, or gases, integrating controls and third-party software for seamless operation. Prefabricated and pre-tested offsite, our modular units ensure rapid, efficient installation and superior customization, setting a new benchmark in construction efficiency and quality. At RK, we’re not just building structures; we’re redefining the possibilities of modern construction to meet and exceed our customers’ visions.

RK Provides Transportation of Multi-Trade Racks

We’re not just building for today; we’re engineering innovations that anticipate tomorrow’s needs, making RK a partner that grows with you.

Programmatic Engineering

In handling large, dispersed and intricate projects, RK leverages its profound expertise in construction and fabrication. This empowers us to formulate project scopes with a broad design envelope, accommodating variations across multiple jurisdictions. Our approach involves employing a strategic methodology that incorporates a standard Engineer of Record (EOR) approved programmatic design, reaching the LOD400 level. This design is subsequently deployed to various site locations, effectively addressing site-specific requirements. By adopting this strategy, we significantly expedite the deployment of prefabricated assemblies to virtually any location within the United States.


RK not only specializes in modern and more efficient solutions, leading the way in conveyance systems, but also excels in scalability that meets the evolving needs of our customers. RK integrates Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles seamlessly into our mass production processes. Our customized solutions and manufacturing methods are meticulously crafted to be scalable, ensuring efficiency and quality at every level of production. At our facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and staffed by skilled professionals, we are primed for mass production. Rather than merely tackling individual projects, we focus on developing comprehensive programs and products, optimizing every aspect of our operations for maximum effectiveness and sustainability. Beyond customization, we are adept at making these tailored solutions repeatable for mass production, enabling us to handle projects of any scale without compromising on precision or quality.

Thanks to our in-house, multi-trade resources, RK can seamlessly scale up operations, from individual projects to large-scale outputs, without sacrificing quality. This capability ensures that as your needs grow, our solutions evolve in tandem, providing scalable, efficient and high-quality systems designed for the future.


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Square feet of clean manufacturing, fabrication, warehouse and office space under roof

pieces of cutting edge equipment
TON fixed crane capacity

Industry Impact

Compressed Scheduling

Compared to on-site construction, our compressed schedule significantly accelerates time to market.

Mitigates labor shortage

Reduced Labor

Reduced labor in the field equates to a lower risk on incidents or accidents, enhancing overall safety.


Prefabrication results in minimized waste, optimized material usage and manpower.

Increased Trades

Increased trades collaboration and manpower productivity onsite.


Quality and precision are enhanced through fabrication in a controlled indoor environment.

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