Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Making health and safety a priority in the workplace is important, and mental health is no exception. An employee’s mental health can affect their attitude and behavior, which in turn affects how they communicate with other staff and their overall productivity.

RK is committed to ensuring our employees experience a healthy work environment when they come to work each day. If you are looking for ways that your company can provide a more mentally healthy workplace during these trying times, look no further. Below are some tips to get you started.

  • Promote work/life balance by offering employees more flexibility.
  • Increase senior leadership engagement, encouraging open and realistic communication.
  • Offer training on stress management for high-risk jobs.
  • Provide opportunities for mentoring and coaching.
  • Involve individuals and teams on important decisions, when possible.
  • Help employees get support during and after stressful life events.
  • Offer generous sick leave and accommodations for when employees need it most.
  • Perform regular well-being checks on staff.
  • Have a zero tolerance policy for bullying or discrimination.
  • Discuss mental health in the workplace and promote resources, trainings and programs, including company participation in community and national events.
  • Encourage employees to do their part:
    • Look after themselves and find ways to reduce their stress.
    • Ask for support if they need it.
    • Be supportive of coworkers who are going through a rough time.

Inclusive workplaces can positively influence community attitudes towards mental health. Investing in mental health not only benefits employees, but also creates a more positive and productive environment, often giving companies a better bottom line. In addition, companies that care about staff wellbeing are more likely to attract and retain top talent.

Mental illness and substance abuse issues cost employers billions each year. While promoting a healthy workplace will not stop all mental health problems, it can help improve mental strength, keeping employees as healthy as possible. Creating a mentally healthy workplace is a clear win-win for both companies and employees.

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