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Planning your project collaboratively

Our detailing experts have the experience to see beyond the computer screen and into the shop and field. The 3D models we develop during the detailing process gives our project teams the ability to review the systems before fabrication and installation, proactively anticipating conflicts before they happen.

Innovative approach to construction

We hire experienced developers to create scripts and add-ons, turning laborious manual tasks into easy automated solutions.

Our steel detailing services include:

Delegated Engineering

  • Our team of licensed engineers manages requirements.
  • Allows stairs, stair railings, balcony guardrails and connection design and engineering integration into projects.
  • Ensures detailing, submittals and fabrication stay on schedule and within the scope budget.


  • Full BIM coordination through 3D modeling and model sharing.
  • Collaborative project models developed for integration into the project’s master BIM for clash detection with all trades.
  • Mitigates risks, anticipating and avoiding problems ahead of fabrication, saving time and money.


  • Our detailing experts use object-oriented 3D modeling software.
  • Full control of modeled members integrating into our project management software.
  • Models allow detailed parts to be fabricated using our CNC machines, providing part tracking and enhanced productivity.

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