By: RK Service

People from the rest of the country may be starting to take their winter ski vacations in Colorado, but area business owners and facility managers need to keep their buildings safe and operating smoothly until spring returns.

RK Service professionals weighed in on the most important winter maintenance tasks for local businesses below.

Top Three Winter Maintenance To-Do’s

Inspect the HVAC System
Ensure that HVAC systems are ready to handle the demands of cold months. Have an expert inspect and optimize your HVAC system now. If your heating system has not been inspected and serviced recently, doing so right away may prevent unnecessary outages and emergency service calls during or after a storm. It will also ensure that employees and tenants stay warm no matter how low the temperatures drop.

Eliminate Heat Loss
“Gaps around louvers, doors and windows create pockets of freezing air that make their way throughout an entire building,” says RK Service technician, Don Pierce. The loss is compounded as heat escapes from these same areas. Every part of your building should be checked for leaks and cracks. General caulking around doors and windows will help seal out the winter air. Drafty areas near windows may indicate insulation inadequacies or freeze exposure issues.

Protect Water Pipes
Freezing weather can affect vital facility systems: sprinkler systems, fire pumps, heating and air conditioning equipment, boilers, steam piping and water tanks. Freezing in any part of your system can result in flooding, causing equipment damage and electrical dangers. The best way to avoid frozen pipes is to prepare your facility as early as possible. First, heating equipment needs to be serviced and in good repair so that optimal heating levels can be maintained at all times. The cause of frozen pipes is often insufficient interior heat due to equipment failure. Second, pipes should be inspected and insulated in exposed areas.

Call RK Service today to schedule an equipment maintenance call right away. Or let one of our experienced technicians perform a complete inspection of your facility and provide their top recommendations for your business. No matter where you are in Colorado, we have a local team that can you help you.

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