By: RK Service

Managing mechanical systems involves a deep understanding of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the equipment. Asset management relates to the management and enhancement of those mechanical systems.

Importance of Optimal Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems are comprised of pumps and filters, among other equipment, that are responsible for the efficient flow of liquids and air throughout buildings. They provide water, heating, cooling and ventilation for occupants and remove waste from the building.

The operation and maintenance of mechanical systems are labor intensive and require a technical skill. While mechanical systems can contain components that are hidden inside walls or under floors, most key equipment is located in a utility room that is easily accessible for upkeep. To preserve mechanical assets over their life cycle, regular monitoring of equipment and maintenance needs to be performed, preferably by a certified technician. Large equipment that fails, such as a burst pipe, require urgent repair, as this type of failure could lead to flooding or loss of hot water for tenants.

Asset Management Challenges

Keeping tabs on mechanical assets can be a daunting task as they require extensive record keeping. Because mechanical systems contain many moving parts, they typically have the longest list of assets in the asset inventory, ranging from fans to boilers and pumps. Often, basic supplies are kept on-hand in mechanical rooms, such as replacement filters, but some buildings also have supply rooms for additional spare parts. All of these items, from large equipment to spare parts, need to be accounted for and tracked. Documents must be kept readily available for quick reference in day-to-day operations.

Tracking with Technology

Today, technology has enabled service providers to inventory and track all mechanical assets on a cloud-based platform with easy to use customer interfaces. Warranty status, repair and maintenance history, upcoming scheduled events and end-of-life (EOL) forecasts are all recorded and accessible from a single source.

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