Technology in Facilities Services can Support Customers’ Business Goals

By: RK Service There is increasing customer demand for facilities service providers to go beyond repairs and maintenance and offer facility performance solutions that solve customers’ larger business problems. In the future, facilities services providers like RK Service will be valued for not only facilities services, but for helping customers increase operational efficiency and output. This evolution will require service companies to adopt new technologies that help them—and in turn, help their customers’ businesses. RK Service embraces the search for technologies that improve our internal efficiency and our value to clients. Here are some high-level examples of our own explorations into new technologies that allow us to serve customers better: Managing Hardware and Software Complexity We recognize that equipment is becoming more complex, and is often part of a system with one or more software applications associated with it. Extensive product and applications knowledge is required. We look for technologies to assists us through availability of knowledge, ability to communicate with peers, access to performance support and easier-to-use productivity tools for field technicians. Customer Information Documentation and Sharing Often times, detailed knowledge of a customer’s facilities and equipment lives inside the heads of a few service technicians instead of being documented in a CRM or database. This can lead to a lack of information, and the lack of an ability to share what scant information is available, across the service company’s team. This can be remedied by partnering with a technology provider to develop an accurate "as-maintained” database of the install base view that can positively impact many areas of cost of service, from technician skills to scheduling, parts planning, inventory levels and ability to perform remote diagnostics and repairs. Mobility Fueled by Real-time Information and Scheduling Access Mobility has pervaded the field service space like no other. How can service companies make use of this trend in providing more tool enhancements to maximize service productivity? RK Service looks for technologies to give our team the right tools, information and support to enable them to succeed. Mobility is now a basic component of field service, and companies without it are at a competitive disadvantage. Our mobility benefits our customers and enhances our productivity by providing:

  • Ability to have an accurate view of the customer and relevant equipment before going to the site.
  • Faster ability to log, assign and accept service cases, including directly from the field.
  • Ability to update service orders, request tasks, access knowledge and close out service jobs.
  • Ability to scan installed or extracted parts/components without logging into enterprise applications.
  • Use of virtual specialists and peers, combined with access to knowledge bases to for faster resolution times and higher first-time-fix.
So next time you’re looking for expert facilities services, ask about more than just the technicians’ trade skills and equipment. Ask them about how the company is using technology to improve service delivery—and your business. Questions or comments? Email