RK Foundation began by giving back through recycling

By: RK Foundation The RK Foundation was founded in 2011 in order to building better lives by strengthening communities and providing opportunities for those most in need. The Foundation was initially started (and continues to function) by selling scrap metal from the RK shops and job sites to a metals recycler each month. This way, the Foundation’s financial base grows on an ongoing basis and has a continuous income source. “The busier that RK gets, the more scrap is created and recycled, allowing the RK Foundation to ultimately support more worthy organizations and groups,” said Katie Dell, Executive Assistant at RK. The Kinning family provided the initial funding to start the foundation. The RK Foundation supports a variety of local causes and non-profit organizations, with a specific focus on Child Advocacy, Community, Education, Health, Trades and Veterans. All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.