By: RK Electrical We all know how important it is to complete regular maintenance on our cars and trucks. We change the oil, rotate our tires and replace our filters regularly. We do this because we know that maintaining our vehicles is much cheaper than repairing them. Did you know that electrical equipment needs regular maintenance too? The batteries in the exit signs and emergency lights go bad after time and need to be replaced. If your facility has a generator or UPS system, they also have batteries and require routine maintenance. Circuit breakers should be “exercised” each year. And fuses should be changed out periodically, as they have a shelf life and can be weakened by faults or spikes in voltage or current. What’s more, Colorado often has drastic weather changes, and electrical connections in panels and switchboards can get loose. When this happens, heat is generated and the heat can cause a short or even a fire. It’s best to “clean, torque, tighten and test” electrical systems every three years. RK Electrical℠ has the tools, personnel and the know-how, to complete any type of electrical work for your facility. To learn more about how RK Electrical can help keep your equipment in its best possible condition, contact us at