Cooling Tower Spring Start-up Preventive Maintenance Tips

By: RK Water In the colder parts of the US during spring, evaporative cooling systems begin the process of starting up, often after remaining idle for the winter months. When cooling systems have been dormant for months, there is a good chance that high amounts of bacteria may be present. This is because the water system’s biocides and inhibitors have not been circulating through the shut-down system. A good water treatment company will recommend appropriate preventive maintenance and offer to conduct a spring inspection of your cooling towers to uncover and treat bacterial growth. We often conduct water lab analysis tests which can show if an organization’s water contains harmful levels of bacteria. If the water tests show high levels, there are a variety of water treatment options to kill and reduce bacteria. One of our popular treatments is the Silver Bullet™ system, which is a highly effective natural oxidizer that does not require additional chemical biocides in your system. Part of your preventive maintenance plan should also include running your cooling systems periodically run during the “off time” in cold months to ensure distribution of biocides and inhibitors throughout the system so that they don’t stagnate in one place and allow bacteria to proliferate. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have professionals calibrate conductivity controllers, clean probes, check flow switches and inspect or calibrate all other equipment and controls to ensure proper and efficient operation for the warm months ahead. RK Water also provides services that most other water treaters don’t include. We will inspect and clean the tower basin, wet-deck, tower fill, sweeper-system, strainer and make-up valves as needed to ensure your water system is optimized for top performance. Our ability to pinpoint small issues and make expert adjustments can save building owners and facilities managers lots of time and money. The right preventive maintenance is critical. So is the right water treatment partner. Questions or private comments? Email